Friday, October 4, 2013

Christmas Doily

Here is a Christmas doily I finished this past week. It took about 60 hours to complete. I got it from the Crochet World magazine from 2005. It is about 24 inches in diameter. It is enormous. I couldn't find anything to photograph it on very well since it is so big.

Irish Crochet Doily

Here's a doily I made from the book called Irish Beauty Doilies by Kathryn White. These type of doilies take around 60 hours to complete. It is about 20 inches in diameter.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The beginning of Crochet for me

I started crocheting in 2009 because I entered a yarn shop out of curiosity. It was summertime and I was bored. I had been visiting the shop next door looking for a gift. I decided to take a peak into the yarn shop just to see what it was like. I never dreamed I would become captivated by it.
I walked out of that shop with a book called Amigurumi World.  You can take a look here at the book. I also signed up for a class to learn how to do a pattern in the book and a bunch of yarn to experiment with beforehand.
I completed my first project with that class. I don't know if I would have ever learned crochet if I had not taken the class.  I created an owl as my first official project.
It is unfortunate that the yarn shop went out of business shortly after that. When I drive by the building where it used to be, I get a swell of sadness and bittersweet memories. It was a place I considered special.

Here's a picture of my first completed project.  :)